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b3 in matt white with functional rear wall and kitchen island as a representative example of bulthaup design


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bulthaup inspires with new concepts to experience spaces differently.

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b Solitaire glass, 140 cm-long, freestanding in the room as a storage place for crockery and glassware
b Solitaire glass, 70 cm-long, with three pull-out wood trays as a storage place for personal items
b Solitaire glass provides a clear view of the contents in the top tray
Black aluminum grid as a harmonious shelf in the b Solitaire oak
The rounded, polished edges of the glass top of the b Solitaire glass lie perfectly on the black aluminum frame
The 12 cm-thick wood top layer makes the b Solitaire oak a distinctive item
Shelf options in the b Solitaire stainless steel: wooden grid for bottles, wood top for books, and the wooden pull-out for storage
Combine materials as you like: stainless steel top, wooden pull-out, and aluminum grid
The black aluminum frame together with the warm wood brings a timeless design to the living space
Perfect processing of the shelf brackets
Wooden prisms in the pull-out tray create space and order for individual items
Pull-out tray with glass frame – visible but protected
Leather inlays in the trays are the right padding for the most beloved items
With its robust aluminum frame, the b Solitaire shelf allows for pull-out trays without losing stability
b Solitaire shelf as both a separating and connecting element between kitchen and living space
b Solitaire oak as an expansion of the dining area for preparing drinks and dishes
Plenty of space on the b Solitaire shelf for cherished individual items
Operable from the four sides, the b Solitaire glass can be placed freely in the room
b Solitaire stainless steel brings a special design element into any room with its 0.5 cm-thin matt surface
Stimulating contrasts: warm leather inlays in the trays in combination with cool metal surfaces of the b Solitaire stainless steel
b Solitaire stainless steel as a stylish coffee bar: grid and pull-out for crockery and accessories, with the espresso machine on top

bulthaup b Solitaire - Material and Processing in Detail

The individual elements reflect all the values that have characterized bulthaup for decades: The special symbiosis of traditional craftsmanship and perfect engineering, and the choice and processing of fine and sophisticated materials, complemented by the many years of experience of bulthaup’s experts.

b Solitaire table and bench with leather cushion
b Solitaire shelf unit showing shelf and tray options: three quarter view
b Solitaire shelf unit showing shelf and tray options: frontal view
b Solitaire glass, 140 cm length with three wooden pull-out trays, two with glass sides: three quarter view
b Solitaire stainless steel with two aluminum grids: three quarter view
b Solitaire glass with three wooden pull-out trays with glass sides: three quarter view
b Solitaire oak with wood grid, aluminum grid and wood pull-out tray: three quarter view
b Solitaire glass, 140 cm length with three wood pull-out trays, two with glass sides: frontal view
b Solitaire glass, 140 cm length with wood grid, wood shelf and wood pull-out tray: frontal view
b Solitaire stainless steel with two aluminum grids: frontal view
b Solitaire glass with three wood pull-out trays with glass sides: frontal view
b Solitaire oak with aluminum grid, wood shelf and wood pull-out tray: frontal view

bulthaup b Solitaire - Cut outs

An open, matt-black aluminum frame in three sizes provides the basis for the bulthaup b Solitaire. On this platform, you can orchestrate change to satisfy future desires and requirements. Thus, the b Solitaire is combined with various top layers and pieces of equipment to become a lifelong companion.

bulthaup b Solitaire - Table and bench

We chat, we laugh, we enjoy. The table is the heart of our home life as well as of bulthaup b Solitaire.

b Solitaire glass filled with clothes and shoes in a lived-in space
Close-up: view from above into b Solitaire glass with personal items
b Solitaire stainless steel as a connecting element between cooking and dining area
Free-standing b Solitaire oak with an aluminum grid
b Solitaire glass with items of clothing in modern apartment with dark walls
b Solitaire table and bench in front of open stone wall in Mediterranean house
High-contrast design: free-standing b Solitaire stainless steel with black aluminum grid in bright Mediterranean house

bulthaup b Solitaire

bulthaup b Solitaire represents the entire living space. The b Solitaires give space for flexibility, but can also be integrated as familiar elements. They accompany and grow with people along their journey throughout life.

Functional rear wall in anodized aluminum forms a beautiful contrast to the b3 in matt white
b3 with cabinets and island with gray lacquer front panels in front of the functional wall made from dark veneer
The classic design: floating kitchen unit and floor-standing kitchen island in matt white
Close-up: combination of a brushed stainless steel surface with light-gray lacquer front panels
Functional wood rear wall with stainless steel shelf and stainless steel top layer
Close-up: surfaces and front panels in light gray with high-gloss lacquer
Material mix: veneer rear wall, lacquer front panels and stainless steel surfaces
Close-up: laminate surfaces with matt lacquer and perfect laser edge
Functional anodized aluminum rear wall with floating kitchen unit, matt-white front panels, and stainless steel surfaces
Functional anondized aluminum rear wall, penetrated by 3 function boxes in glossy white
Wall-mounted, swiveling faucet at the water point
Open function box with integrated knife block and chopping board
Well organized drawer with light wood prisms and equipment elements: foil roll holder, spice jars, and stainless steel dividers
Well organized drawer with dark wood prisms and equipment elements: stainless steel containers, knife block, and stainless steel dividers
Functional wood rear wall with stainless steel shelf and hook
Sideboard with large drawers in matt white
Well organized drawer with black plastic prisms and equipment elements: stainless steel container with leather inlay and glass divider
Functional wood rear wall with floating kitchen unit with glossy gray front panels

bulthaup b3 - Design freedom for all living spaces

bulthaup b3 is a fascinating multi-functional kitchen and living space system with a diverse range of layout options and freedom of design – whether as a puristic kitchen island or a space-maximizing functional wall, whether floating or floor-standing. The owner stands in the foreground surrounded by a living space that matches his needs and desires for somewhere to feel at home and have fun.

Elements of the b2 integrate a kitchen into the open-plan living space – without a conventional kitchen look
Kitchen workshop with equipment cabinet, two workbenches, and tool cabinet, which provides space for all kitchen utensils and provisions
Practically equipped tool cabinet offers room for everything you need on the adjoining workbench
Workbench with water point and sufficient work surface
A rail on the workbench offers room for hanging up utensils
An integrated stove in the workbench allows for plenty of freedom for preparation
The three elements of the kitchen workshop create a focus on the essentials and plenty of freedom of movement
Practically equipped tool cabinet with armature for storing glasses, shelves, compartments, boxes, rods, and knife block
Additional aluminum frame in the tool cabinet offers room for food supplies
The swiveling aluminum frame enables easy access to both sides of the cabinet
The clear styling of the closed tool cabinet means you'd never guess there was a kitchen behind it
The equipment cabinet accommodates the refrigerator and stove perfectly
Workbench with water point and stove, equipment cabinet and tool cabinet – purism at its best, yet everything you need

bulthaup b2 - Three elements combine to create a kitchen workshop

bulthaup b2 offers an extraordinary perspective on kitchens and space and creates an unmistakable atmosphere with its unique combination of kitchen workbench, kitchen tool cabinet and kitchen appliance housing cabinet: Elemental and clear in its form, rational and practical in its function.

c2 table: close-up shows the seamless transition between the laminate surface and the table corner
c3 table: the thinness of the walnut gives the table a light and delicate quality
c3 bench: floating version of the bench is hung on the functional wall

bulthaup communication - The hub of communication for hours spent together

bulthaup communication relates to the time spent together around the table - be it eating, drinking, or simply getting together with family and friends. bulthaup tables and benches complement bulthaup systems to create a personalized atmosphere inviting to linger and relax.

Breadboard in maple with grid and collection tray for crumbs
Bread container made from light stoneware with natural maple grain wooden lid, which serves as a bread cutting board
Maple chopping board in various sizes with practical metal handle
Solid maple board with base for chopping and cutting
Foil tears cleanly and stores tastefully in the aluminum roll holder

bulthaup accessoires - The eye-catching, practical companion for your kitchen

bulthaup accessoires are attractive, eye-catching pieces for kitchens and living rooms – the perfect way to bring yourself and others joy. Through their clear design and technically precise production, the accessories are beautifully crafted down to the smallest detail. Flexible and efficient, the right accessory simplifies and enhances everyday work in the kitchen.

1949: Black-white portrait of Martin Bulthaup, founder of the “Martin Bulthaup Furniture Factory”
1951: The first bulthaup product – solid kitchen sideboard with rounded edges
1951: Horse-drawn carriage delivers packaged kitchen sideboards in crates
1968: Entrance area of the newly built company building
1969: bulthaup presents Stil 75: a minimalist kitchen unit with wall and base cabinets
1972: New company location viewed from the air: large production halls next to the office buildings
1974: Introduction of Concept 12: kitchen with modern styling and practice-oriented design established bulthaup as an innovation leader
1976: Portrait of Gerd Bulthaup, who as son of the founder took over the company in this year
1982: Cover of friend and business partner Otl Aicher’s book ”Die Küche zum Kochen“ (The kitchen for cooking) with a new functional kitchen concept
1984: Introduction of system b: new room concept with island and hanging element. Functional organization elements in the cabinets
1988: Presentation: Stainless steel kitchen workbench, operable from two sides
1992: Introduction of system 25: Flexible modular principle for functional equipment which also serves as a design element
1997: Introduction of system 20: Modular, freely combinable kitchen elements for stove, water point, and preparation
2004: Introduction of b3: Function wall, cabinet element and island in a clear design. b3 brings endless variation for every customer’s needs
2008: Introduction of b1: Purism in white. Clear structures reduce the kitchen to the essentials
2010: Introduction of b2: the kitchen workshop comprising workbench, tool cabinet, and equipment cabinet elements
2010: Portrait of Mark O. Eckert, nephew of the company founder, takes over sole management in this year
2012: Introduction of b3 interior equipment system: Prisms and associated accessories completely reorganize pull-outs
2017: Einführung b Solitaire: Mit den von vier Seiten bedienbaren Regalen zieht bulthaup in den gesamten Lebensraum ein

bulthaup History - A future needs a past

Bulthaup, an independent family business, is deeply rooted in its history beginning in 1949. Right from the very start, bulthaup has been synonymous with uncompromising quality, a passion for meticulous attention to detail, high ethical standards while working with premium materials, and values such as craftsmanship and design. Even in times of rapid change, bulthaup has remained a company that sees itself as a place of constant questioning and insatiable curiosity.

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Copyright for press images

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